Angelique is a sought after professional facilitator and coach. She is known for a creative delivery, with an inclusive and engaging style that is sensitive to the needs of the participants which encourages maximum participation. As a certified coach, she specializes in career management and performance development using researched techniques from the emerging field of Neuroleadership. Her work in outplacement has allowed Angelique to develop well defined skills in navigating transition. Angelique has worked as a consultant with Right Management, and is the owner of Coaching Effect located in Calgary Alberta. Her clients include leaders from the Oil and Gas, Aviation, Education and the private sectors.

With 20 years of entrepreneurial endeavors creating businesses in the services industry, Angelique understands the realities and challenges of leaders. The last 10 years Angelique is focusing on the human resources side, coaching and facilitating and program development. Angelique has a passion for working with individuals in times of transition. She has had significant impact with all levels of management producing positive results in the areas of talent development, strategic planning and change management.Angelique’s accomplishments are numerous. From creating an administration team to work collaboratively from 3 cites, Calgary, Reddeer and Lethbridge, to support over 200 insurance agents in Alberta, to executive leadership coaching and program development for youth leadership in the Calgary high schools.

Her work in transition extends from mergers and acquisition project in an aviation company that required a change in the executive team. Angelique coached the owners through the difficult transition and employees were treated with dignity as they found their new roles. She is working with individuals in career transition and delivering career transition workshops.

Angelique believes in human potential, and the youth of Calgary. She served as an officer and board member at the Werklund Foundation bringing Teen Leadership training in to our Calgary high schools. Reaching over 500 students annually, the leadership training is designed to support our youth in becoming responsible community leaders. Angelique was a key partner for the facilitation of the classes and in the roll out of this initiative. Working with the principals, teachers and parents of each high school, she conducted parent meetings of well over 300, to coordinate the 3 day program. She collaborated with the University of Calgary to conduct research on the sustainability and effectiveness of the program itself. Having teenagers herself, she is committed to promoting leadership training and has begun facilitating her own mother daughter workshops.

Angelique is committed to the standards of the profession and is a board member of the Calgary Association of Professional Coaches and member of the International Coaches Federation and hold a PCC accreditation. Angelique is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC, a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute from the University of Calgary. She also has a applied degree in Business Administration from Mount Royal University. She is a graduate of numerous leadership training programs including Coaches Training Institute and the Rapport Master Graduate leadership program. Most recently, Angelique is in the postgraduate certificate program of Neuroleadership Institute from Middlesex University in England.