Judy is a leader. She has personal experience at all levels of leadership including middle management & senior executive responsibilities to governance leadership and transition.

Judy will not let you settle for status quo. She understands that you want to be a strategic and inspiring contributor within your organization. She also understands that there are complex factors that influence how you lead and the decisions you make. Building a strong identity and understanding the impact of your influence in any environment is what Judy is known for. She is a master at re-framing and helping you
find a new perspective that will bring about the kind of change & action that will be sustainable and highly productive. She is strategic yet inspired; committed yet flexible; open yet clear.

Judy is a certified professional coach. She is certified with the International Coaches Federation and the Coaches Training Institute, both of which are world industry leaders. Her commitment to the coaching process and the skills she brings to it, naturally brings about conversations, plans and sustainable change for her clients. It is the kind of coaching that holds her clients to their vision and their goals and calls them to a bigger game.